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Make a list of Vivid Goals!

What are your vivid goals?  And how do you plan to achieve them?  Having a plan can make achieving success a lot easier for you!

Your career is one of the most important  priorities in your life.  It’s what allows you to earn enough to keep yourself housed, clothed and fed, enables you to take care of your loved ones, and provides the nice things, the luxuries in life that you deserve.

What do you dream of doing?  What is the thing that you desire the most, that is most important to you right now, that you MUST have in order to be happy?  In other words…

 What are your vivid goals?  

And how are you going to achieve them?

In the coming days, I want to spotlight some ideas and tips about how to promote yourself, your talents, and your portfolio on the internet.  It’s easy and it’s hard, but having a plan can make it a lot easier!

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