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Top 4 Reasons To Use an SEO Consultant in Charleston

SEO Consultant in Charleston Will Help You Dominate Online

binder clips_thumbnailAlmost everyone has a website. You might be based in Charleston and you might be offering a product that is innovative, fresh and – best of all – cheap. For some reason, though, you don’t have a good customer base on your website. However, your competition that has an inferior product with a higher cost is getting most of the customers and his website seems to be at the top of Google search engines! How on earth is he managing that and how do you get in on that customer traffic and business potential? It’s not difficult. Your competitor has realized a very important fact for internet business. He has been using a top Charleston SEO consultant to tweak his website to appear first on local Google searches. Apart from that, the SEO consultant also made sure his website was searched frequently by search engines resulting in a better ranking and much better targeted consumer traffic. You are not doing anything wrong but, to compete with him, you will also need a knowledgeable consultant to teach you the tricks of the trade.

Here is what your competitor is doing the right way and why he’s beating you online.

SEO Consultant in Charleston is Helping Your Competition

1. Targeting his content to a local as well as an international audience – This may seem difficult to accomplish but it is easy to do. As you and your competitor are based in Charleston and he wants to attract local customers, he sets up online contests, newsletter, coupon days and bargain days that are advertised through the website. Local customers can be encouraged to download coupons from the site and then use them at his online store and real-time store. These same deals can also be used online for international customers encouraging them to shop online. Original and optimized content that is interesting, offers something for the reader to take away and uses keywords can be a great way to pull in customers. He is not only improving his local customer base but is also making himself the go-to site for this particular product online as well. His SEO consultant in Charleston creates personalized unique content that is marketing his website as the primary source for the product.

2. He has optimized his site – Apart from making optimized content, his SEO consultant in Charleston also carried out extensive keyword research to ensure that his website was the primary one for any searches related to the keyword. His Charleston SEO consultant used the Google Adwords tool to create interesting articles that were very helpful for readers and which referenced other articles and products on the site. Keywords were used in the title, in the content, description, and in the keywords area to attract paying and interested customers. In fact, these articles written by his seo consultant were a way to sell his products by using links and SEO, and it was very effective for him.

SEO Consultant in Charleston to Get Found Online

SEO Consultant in Charleston Shines!

3. Social bookmarking – It is very necessary to join as many social bookmarking sites as possible online. A business owner may not have the time to do it themselves but they can hire an expert to do the job. Your competitor hired an social media SEO consultant in Charleston who started an extensive social bookmarking campaign. He then started syndicating or republishing the website content on Digg, Delicious, etc, exposing to a larger network of readers who would be interested in the product. Using social media, he was able to publish free press releases, make more friends, bookmark his website, link to other interested blogs etc. Twitter was a great way to inform local customers about offers and deals and, since it is checked by Google every 24 hours, it led to a huge surge of interest and knowledge about his product and company.

4. Built an online presence – Your competitor uses his Charleston SEO consultant to establish his name as the authority for providing the product. That means answering queries on Yahoo answers, participating in forums where interested users are gathered, setting up a Youtube account with relevant videos, and answering queries and questions related to the product. This establishes his company name as the primary source of the product and the best source for the product.

As you can see, a few simple tweaks to a website can result in many more customers reaching your site and buying from you. Instead of sitting and watching competitors siphon your customers away from your business, don’t you think its time to find a good Charleston SEO firm who will do the same for your website?


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